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Spiritual Reading

Updated: 4 days ago

Part of my daily morning practice involves reading just a small section (one page, one poem, one paragraph) in a variety of books intended to speak to my spirit. I usually keep a couple of poetry books going, a Buddhist book, a UU book and some sort of generic spiritual book. Currently in my morning reading basket are;

POETRY OF PRESENCE edited by Phyllis Cole-Dai. A collection of contemporary poetry

ALL THE PIECES FIT by Jekaren Olaoya – a book of collage and poetry by a UU poet

REAL CHANGE BY Sharon Salzburg – a collection of essays by a Buddhist writer.

ALL THE HONEY – by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer. A contemporary feminist poet

IN THE SHELTER by Padraig O’Tuama, essays by an Irish Catholic, progressive gay writer

And an unpublished collection of Atheist prayers.

As I read, if there is a sentence or phrase that means something to me, I write it into a book that I keep just for that purpose. I date each entry and every day I look back to see what I copied down a year ago on the same date.

Here’s a sampling of things I’ve copied down of late;

No-one knows how bad you are better than yourself. ~Michael Tilson-Thomas

Desires are the messengers of our unlived lives. ~John O’Donohue

Stir yourself with laughter and drink that. ~Chelan Harken

Practice listening to “yes”. ~Andrea Gibson

Hold anger like a baby. ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Say “yes” to the world as it is. ~Joy Sharp

Think of it as “Self-nourished happiness” instead of being “selfish” – Sharon Salzburg

To harden will help us get through life, but to soften will let us experience life. ~Mark Nepo

Compassion doesn’t mean we don’t fight, it means we don’t hate. ~Sharon Salzburg

Tears are salt-water solutions to whatever is going on. ~Barbara McAfee

Having too many preferences is how we build a wall so high no one can climb it. ~M. Nepo

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