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An Invitation to Writing

There are many ways to use writing as a spiritual practice.  Most commonly people commit to writing a certain number of pages or for a certain number of minutes every day or most days.  One of the hallmarks of a spiritual practice is that it is a commitment to undertake the practice very regularly.  I am giving you permission to buy or create a journal that you love and to buy a few special pens – I like to write with different colors.  Remember that you do not have to begin at the beginning.  You can start in the middle of your journal and write your way forward or back.  You don’t have to write on lines – you can write any where on any page.  You do not have to have neat hand-writing.  You can  write from back to front.  (I don’t recommend those systems where you have things color-coded and bullet points etc.  Those are good for keeping track of your activities etc).  but the focus of a spiritual journal is different.

              Write about what matters most deeply to you

              Write about your dreams (physical and metaphorical)

              Paste in images that speak to your soul.

              Copy the covers of books you read, and put a short description.

              Write poems in your journal – paste poems in.

              Write with your non dominant hand

              Write like you talk.  Don’t try to impress anyone.

But, above all – JUST WRITE!!!

Here are some possibilities:

              Write a “one sentence a day journal” .  At the end of the day, what mattered.

              Keep a gratitude journal.

              Each day write about one thing that enlivened you and one thing that disappointed you.

Here are some prompts for you to write about:

     Where are you coiled?

     "The temple of aloneness" - Mark Nepo

     For a moment, I stepped into my life

     "Sadness and beauty are a duet in my heart" - Mark Nepo

     In the cottage of my heart...

     "Nature never plays the same tune twice" - C.s. Lewis

     What I really want to say is...

Check the archive page in the menu periodically for more prompts.

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