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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

As each Labor Day rolls around, aren’t most of us reminded of new beginnings … of kids going off to school. It’s an important life milestone – each year when the new year begins. And when so much is possible as the season turns and as the Jewish people mark the beginning of another holy year. What is newly shining in your life at this time of the year? How have all the new beginnings you’ve had in your life – added up to the one you face right now? Thank you to Canadian singer/songwriter and UU minister, Lynn Harrison who wrote this beautiful song, "Happy First Day of School". May all of us have a happy year, gold stars, and new lessons…

Click HERE to hear Lynn’s song.

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Mary Allan
Mary Allan
Sep 06, 2022

Loved the song! Yes, September is STILL such a part of my yearly biorhythm, and is filled with many "firsts" memories. What is newly shining in my life right now, is the anticipation of walking/hiking again after a knee and hip replacement. I've learned, once again, that it is important to be humbled ~ every now and then ~ by what we simply take for granted each day. Am living in gratitude.

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