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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

I recently learned of a new (to me) method to use for meditation. It is developed by Suzanne Giesemann and involves remembering an acronym. The acronym is BLESS ME. Each of these letters has a word associated with it and you can use the acronym to remember things to focus on while you are meditating. Since there are 7 letters, it you focused on each one for 3 minutes (set the bell on your meditation timer) you’d have a good little practice. I also used it today when I was walking the labyrinth. Each time I made a turn I stopped and focused on a letter until I got to the next turn. I think it would be OK to even think of your own words that fit this acronym.

The one thing Giesemann says that is so important is to set an intention before you begin meditation. I often find that I am not quite fully committed when I enter meditation -- and when that's the case, it takes me much longer to "catch" myself when my mind wanders. But, if I take a few moments to remind myself that I am choosing to meditate because it will benefit me and because I want to fully experience each moment consciously, it is easier and feels more satisfying than if I just go through the motions and give myself a check on my "to do" list!

The words she uses for this meditation are;

B - Breathe. (slow deep breaths)

L - Lift. (Lift your mood, your energy, your intentions, your gratitude)

E - Expand. (Allow yourself to grow large. Become limitless)

S - Surrender. (Melt into your meditation.)

S – Shift. (Shift your awareness from the daily to the eternal).

(I used the word smile here – (smile to yourself and your life)

M – Merge. (With whatever presents itself.)

E – Experience (what serves the greatest good at this moment.)

Here is a poem for you from Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Side Blessings

I save every rubber band— thick purple ones from broccoli, asparagus, leeks, and the thin blue ones used to keep berries from spilling. I could never throw away a rubber band— stretchy bonuses thrown in for free. Perhaps it’s strange to call them blessings— but I thrill in side benefits. Like a talented new friend hardwired for forgiveness. Like the swooping choreography of swallows that helps them to eat biting flies. Like how red wine is rich with antioxidants. Like a newspaper filled with bad news, but delivered with a useful, flexible, rubber band.

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