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All Souls Day

On this All Saints Day, I ask myself as a UU – who are my saints? And the answer I get is very ordinary. My saints are Janice and Joan and Dick and Mary and lots of others. …. The ordinary people in my life that do extraordinary things. Real people who are examples to others. People who have a broad horizon and a deep kindness toward the world. People who make mistakes and pick themselves up and carry on. People who forgive themselves and others. People who smile. People who are alive and spread kindness all around. The ones who go about doing the holy work of daily life without need for applause. St. Kathy, St. Tom, St. Alison, St. Bill. – well I have a whole rosary full and I suspect you do too. Take a moment to worship them in your own way today, on All Souls Day. What if we all began to think of ourselves in saintly ways? Maybe we could begin to live up to ourselves, to our best intentions.

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Mary Allan
Mary Allan
Nov 03, 2022

What a lovely way to think about All Saints Day. THAT will be my reflection over the next few days...and onward. Thank you, my friend.

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