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A Mission to Consider

Updated: 20 hours ago

I came across this list of 70 things one might consider doing if you're looking to increase love, kindness, organization, mindfulness etc. I believe it came from the writer SARK (see her work by clicking HERE. I thoroughly enjoy her wild freedom!

I like the idea of just randomly closing your eyes and pointing to one and see if its something you'd consider doing! Enjoy.

70 Miracle Missions of Love + Kindness 

1.      Compliment or visibly love someone you don’t know (yet)

2.    Clear a clutter of something that’s in your mind

3.    Donate, or share a link to the work of World Central Kitchen, or another charity that inspires you

4.    Adopt a poet by following them, buying their books, sharing their posts or subscribing to their work on Substack if they have an account. Here are some suggestions: Donna Ashworth, Andrea Gibson, James Crews, Carolyn Riker, Julia Fehrenbacher, Rachel Awes. Find more.

5.    Have a difficult conversation that you’ve been avoiding

6.    Lie down somewhere lovely and breathe deeply

7.     Buy yourself gorgeous flowers that make you gasp with their beauty

8.    Polish your inner vision by beginning, or continuing a meditation practice

9.    Do something new, then share about it with someone + receive encouragement

10.  Extend your hands to help another soul

11.    Plant something that will grow

12.  Wear a color you usually don’t

13.  Write a love letter to yourself and mail it to your home

14.  Share this post, or email if you received it in that form

15.  Let go of something heavy you’ve been carrying

16.  Carry things with you on a walk to give away

17.   Celebrate yourself in some way that brings you joy

18.  Laugh or smile with yourself

19.  Invent your life (or a part of your life) over, if it doesn’t feel juicy enough for you

20.                  Call me on my Inspiration Phone line 415 546 3742 and leave a message if you wish

21.  Lie down frequently, breathe deeply

22.Invest in creativity

23.                  Read voluminously + buy or borrow more books

24.Stay loose- whatever that means to you

25.Inspire yourself frequently

26.Refuse or retire from activities you don’t enjoy

27. Activate your activism for what you care for and about

28.                  Commit to do less from Fear, Obligation or Guilt- which spells FOG

29.                  Commit to do less than ever out of Pressure, Urgency or Scarcity- which spells PUS

30.                  Identify your comfort zone, and then bring parts of it with you as you step out of what has been your comfort zone

31.  Invest in wisdom

32.                  Let go into love

33.                  Overtly love your local library

34.Dream deeply + write your dreams down

35.Dare to write or share your stories

36.                  Make your most alive choices

37. Take Miracle Walks

38.                  Adventure forward

39.                  Talk with people you don’t agree with and find places to connect

40.Examine the roles you occupy, see if any are outdated or unwanted, and if so, make changes

41.  Plant Impossible Gardens

42.Make your writings REAL so they can travel without you

43.Sing songs out loud more often

44.Let a child lead + notice what you experience

45.Hug yourself deeply and often

46.Dance like your inner child is watching

47. Allow + befriend all your feelings as often as you can. Love them when you think you can’t

48.                  Swing as high as you can on a swing-set by moonlight

49.Be a baby admirer

50.Imagine Yourself Magic

51.  Be still and let the beauty come

52.Ask for miracles, tune your vision to see them

53.Wander in some woods

54.Find or start a Little Free Library

55.Nap happy

56.Live more of your dream life

57. Share your sparkle, sparkle your sharing

58.                  Write it now

59.Drink sunsets

60.                  Love wildly with all your faucets turned on

61.  Surprise yourself

62.Lie down immediately

63.                  Be willing to BE a beginner

64.Create new ways to share more love

65.Live like a succulent plant does: gather nourishment from the environment and give it to yourself to live wild, succulent and free

66.Make little signs that say YES and put them up all over your house

67. Recognize that the conscious applications of the words yes and no make more room for love

68.                  Reconnect with all of your inner children and help them to feel safe

69.Tell the truth faster

70. Be a lighthouse in this world and be an artist of your own life



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