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World Kindness Day!

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Who knew there was a “World Kindness Day”?!! Hooray! UNESCO is promoting acts of kindness on their website (which you can access by clicking HERE) they say;

Kindness is not defined by lofty stories, it exists all around us and needs to be celebrated at every moment of life because #KindnessMatters every day. We’re celebrating K3: kindness for self, others and nature, and invite you to share with us a simple act of kindness that you performed today – gave yourself some rest from daily routine, watered the plants, donated some blankets for a cause, or called your family. This exercise will take less than 30 seconds and will make you a part of our global kindness community. So, won't you help us make the world a kinder place?

Go there are report YOUR act of kindness today. Or, at least make an act of kindness even if you don’t report it. The more I act kindly, the more it seems to be a habit … one that I want to encourage in myself. Especially during this busy time of the year, I applaud all of us making space for the gift that always keeps on giving – kindness. Happy holidays to all!

And, here is a poem about kindness from Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer.


~Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

Consider the tulip,

how long ago

someone’s hands planted a bulb

and gave to this place

a living scrap of beauty,

how it rises every spring

out of the same soil,

which is, of course,

not at all the same soil,

but new.

It is this way with kindness:

someone plants in someone else

a bit of beauty—

a kind word, perhaps, or a touch,

the gift of their time or their smile.

And years later, in that inner soil,

that beauty emerges again,

pushing aside the dead leaves,

insisting on loveliness,

a celebration of the one who planted it,

the one who perceives it, and

the fertile place where it has grown.

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