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Updated: Jul 31, 2022


I recently bought myself one of these lovely blank journals with a beautiful cover. I often just use a school notebook which I cover with my own lovely paper. But this time I purchased one. Each time I start a new journal, I have a ritual of finding a “guardian” for the journal – and I paste it onto the first page. Then I write a page of intentions that will remind me why this sacred space is important and how in intend to use it. Here is my intention for the journal I am starting today.

“I accept this journal – a gift to myself – almost too beautiful to use. May it be a place of beauty which accepts all my words. May I honor my thoughts by inscribing them here faithfully and truthfully each day. I give myself the gift of my own raw thoughts and accept this as a container for all the poems inside me that I will meet over the course of the coming months. I will honor and extend my exploration around the :”names for God” that are always on the last page of all my journals. And I will collect here “good words” and “poem prompts”. I will include drawings and class notes and important quotes. And, though this journal is beautiful, I will allow it to contain and make space for unbeautiful thoughts too – because I want also to embrace them with kindness.

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