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Have Fun!


Every Friday I enjoy reading Austin Kleon’s post about “10 things worth sharing”.  He is a writer, an artist, a podcaster and you can see his posts HERE.  This week he (or those he quoted) posed several questions which intrigued me;


·      What if everyone else wins the awards?

·      What if you never become the best?

·      What thrills you?

·      What disappoints?

·      What do you hate?


He goes on to suggest that if you create anything, it will bring you joy.  He says we should “make piles of imperfect things”.  I keep a visual journal and I am not an artist.  But I enjoy just filling up the pages with doodles, drawings, mandalas, collage etc.  He reminds us “it’s only paper”. 


He suggests we “find more stuff to like”!  and then he says, “ look around and find out who’s having fun.  Find those people and do what they do!”


So as summer begins, these seem like great questions and suggestions.  We all need to remember that finding joy IS a spiritual practice.


Happy Summer to you. 


And here’s a lovely poem, from James Crews newest book, Unlocking the Heart.





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