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Create A Summer Solstice Ritual

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I love to celebrate the solstices and equinoxes and the in between holidays too – but I especially like to ritually note the longest day of the year.  The day when the wheel turns and begins tipping us toward darkness once again.  As the summer solstice is exactly opposite the winter solstice – when we often set intentions for ourselves, the summer solstice is a good time to check in on those intentions.  Are you doing, leaning in towards what gives you life?  Are there course corrections to be made?


The day of the summer solstice is also International Yoga Day.  So you could begin your ritual with some sort of body movement that is directed at gathering energy from the sun and bringing it into your body.  Or, you could do a regular “sun salutation” from yoga if you know it.


Summer is a time of blossoming, of fruiting, of fresh food.  Perhaps you might gather some fresh herbs and tie them in a bundle with a pretty ribbon.  To put on your altar, or to cook with.  Perhaps you might drink a cup of herbal tea and sit and relax as you drink it. And/or you might gather sage and tie in a very tight bundle with red string.  It will have to dry for several weeks before it can be used to “smudge”, but now is a time to start that process. 


Of course, you could gather friends and have a fresh food picnic out in nature.  Or you could each bring a salad ingredient and make a communal salad to share.  You might end with  popsicles or ice cream!    Have some sunflowers on the table!


You could also mark the day by writing in your journal.  What do you wish for in these summer months?  What do you long for?  Where is the light in your life?  What do you need to say NO to, in order to say YES to more light?   What from the light do you want to carry with you as the days slowly begin to shorten?  Perhaps focus on your inner power and light?


You might intentionally observe the sunset and thank the sun as it fades.


I wish you freedom to create a fun ritual in whatever way makes sense to you to mark this auspicious time of year. 



On the Longest Day of the Year.


There is comfort in knowing

that every yearsince the earth was made

there has beena longest day of the year—

a day when half of all life

wakes to an abundance of light

and then in that moment

of greatness leans again

toward the dark.

There is comfort in knowing

the light comes, the light leaves,

the light comes, the light leaves,

comfort in knowing

all the light that is

reaches toward us,

whether we can see it or not.

It is simply a matter

of staying out of our own way,

and if we can’t do that,

well, that is what patience is for.


~ By Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer




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