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Collage your life!

I have been having a lot of fun with one old magazine, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. It is amazing the wisdom one can find in old magazines. With your morning cup of coffee, take a magazine that is lying around (or raid your local laundromat collection!). Leaf through the magazine, back to front. Cut out any word or phrase that appeals to you. Place them on a table. Re-arrange them to find the wisdom you need to hear. Glue down this "found poem" on a page in your journal. Date it. Repeat as necessary -- daily? weekly? occasionally?

I love working with my hands and often find that they know things "my heart knows nothing of" as some famous person once wrote! It's fun to see how the little pieces that I cut out somehow make me feel peaceful. Sometimes we can't question what our soul is drawn to. If it gives me a sense of ease in my body, I'm pretty sure it's good for my soul. Though it can sometimes seem "silly" to my mind. Nevertheless I persist!!

I am so appreciative of this "Artist's Creed" which came from Jan Phillips. Click HERE to go to her website.


I believe I am worth the time it takes to create whatever I feel called to create.

I believe that my work is worthy of its own space, which is worthy of the name Sacred.

I believe that, when I enter this space, I have the right to work in silence, uninterrupted, for as long as I choose.

I believe that the moment I open myself to the gifts of the Muse, I open myself to the Source of All Creation and become One with the Mother of Life Itself.

I believe that my work is joyful, useful, and constantly changing, flowing through me like a river with no beginning and no end.

I believe that what it is I am called to do will make itself known when I have made myself ready.

I believe that the time I spend creating my art is as precious as the time I spend giving to others.

I believe that what truly matters in the making of art is not what the final piece looks like or sounds like, not what it is worth or not worth, but what newness gets added to the universe in the process of the piece itself becoming.

I believe that I am not alone in my attempts to create, and that once I begin the work, settle into the strangeness, the words will take shape, the form find life, and the spirit take flight.

I believe that as the Muse gives to me, so does she deserve from me: faith, mindfulness, and enduring commitment.

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