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Black Lives Matter

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

“When you are used to privilege, equality feels like oppression”

I have written and rewritten this post several times. Each time not feeling certain I said the right thing, the best thing, the honest thing. And, I am sure now that there is no one right, honest, best thing to say. I do know this is not the kind of world I want to live in. And that I am committed to make changes in myself that might lead to helping create the kind of world I do want to live in. As a white woman, I have come to understand that it is our (white people's) work to dismantle the system that is so broken, the system that gives us so many advantages. It is time to lean into my own discomfort – to learn to listen more than speak, to look in the mirror instead of blaming others for what is happening.

It is hard. It is uncomfortable. It is necessary. There is no clear path and I have to keep walking it anyway – without the right words, without certainty, without looking for praise and applause. I have to clearly see how I have helped create what is so wrong. Without blame or shame, I have to change. And, I have to have compassion. May I find it. May I query my own spirit, and ask over and over – is this the kind of world I want? And then dig in somewhere – anywhere – and begin. I can’t wait for the right idea, the right moment, the right answer, the right action. The time for waiting has passed. It’s time to begin.

Here are 75 choices of things white people can do to fight racism! Click here

Here is a poem Black poet, Lucille Cliffton wrote 28 years ago after Rodney King was brutally beaten by the police. It is called. “For Rodney King”. And sadly, could have been written this week for George Floyd…

so the body of one black man is rag and stone is mud and blood the body of one black man contains no life worth loving so the body of one black man is nobody mama mama mamacita is there no value in this skin mama mama if we are nothing why should we spare the neighborhood mama mama who will be next and why should we save the pictures 

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