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A Prayer

Sunday at church, our minister Rev. Rodney Lemery, gave the following prayer which I so appreciated. I think it addresses the current situation in the world from a UU perspective so well. I hope it has meaning for you.

Divine Spirit of Life and Connection, we recognize the turmoil and uncertainty swirling about our future as a people and planet.  We come before you not to seek answers beyond some omniscient or omnipresent deity of our ancestors, but to recognize the deep connection of each of us to another.  We hope in this moment to ignite a spark within our own spirits, knowing that we possess the power to effect change in our lives. In this present moment, may we deeply connect with our own positions and roles in life, contemplating how we stand in relation to others within and beyond our communities. The people of Gaza and Israel yearn for healing, peace, and reconciliation amidst unimaginable suffering and loss. As Americans, may we humbly acknowledge our privilege and the opportunities we have to contribute positively. Let our voices rise in unison, urging our leaders to seek peaceful resolutions rather than resorting to war as the sole solution to disagreements among nations. May aid find its way to starving mouths and may compassion find its way into hardened hearts.

At the same time we acknowledge our privileges as Americans on the world front, we simultaneously recognize our democracy’s deep vulnerability in this critical election year. As we navigate a new political cycle and approach our elections, may our hearts be open to empathize with the frustrations of those who view the two-party system as inadequate and struggle to identify a suitable candidate. May our awareness of our own positions temper any anger or discontent, fostering empathy and understanding among our neighbors. May we not as a liberal community or faith; eat our own.  Great advocates of inclusive thought, open our hearts to BOTH AND thinking and guide us in unifying our aspirations to embody the changes we wish to witness. Let us persist in forging paths forward even when answers seem elusive, and let us be reminded that our communities of faith can be beacons of support, compassion, and love in our immediate homes and beyond.

In the name of all that is Holy,

Amen, Ase and Blessed Be

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