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Morning Meditation

I like the Plum Village app on my phone that offers dozens of different guided and also silent meditations from the center where Thich Nhat Hahn resided. This morning I stumbled on a 20 minute silent meditation preceded by a lovely "Morning Chant". After hearing the chant I found myself just falling into a deep sense of peacefulness such as I so rarely feel during my meditations. Like everyone, I can get caught up in "trying" , in feeling bored, in trailing offing in long minutes of random thinking during meditation. But, for whatever reason, this morning I was completely captivated and transported to peacefulness by this chant. The words are;

In stillness we sit.

Our hearts are at peace.

A smile is on our lips.

This is a new day.

We vow to go through it

in mindfulness,

so the sun inside

can rise and shine

in every direction.

If you would like to listen to it for yourself, you can click HERE.

May you have a peaceful and mindful day.

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