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Happy Valentine's Day

Of course, I remember valentine’s day in elementary school.  Where we each made a “mailbox” out of a decorated shoebox, and we all bought valentines from the drugstore – one for each member of our class – even the kids we didn’t much like.  The teacher had sent home a list of names and mothers made their kids carefully write the name on each envelope and sign their name on the card.  We came home and dumped them out to show our parents and our friends.  There was always a party that involved cupcakes and those little candy hearts with sayings on them.  I remember this much more clearly than I remember adult celebrations of this big day. 


I’m encouraging all of us to recreate the magic of this day this year.  Find some blank paper, get out your scissors and cut out a few hearts to glue onto your homemade card.  Let’s each send out 5 hand-made valentines this year to friends – just because.  Just because we all love to get snail mail, we all need to be reminded that we are special and because it will make us feel good too!  No harm in that!


Here's a prose poem I wrote for you;




Love wears red tights, of course, and a long loose top so she can dance easily.  She rides a bicycle decorated with bells and flowers and carries chocolates in a big canvas bag which she hands out liberally.  Contrary to popular opinion, she does not own a bow and knows nothing of archery.  She also shares poems everywhere she goes. She’s a Quaker and loves silence but also is known to use curse words now and again when things don’t work out.     She doesn’t wear make-up.  She seems to cause people to fall, and she has unusual disguises.  She likes to sneak up on you.  Sometimes people mistake others for her.  She has imposters.  Watch out for them!  They usually seem too good to be true – and often are.  When she’s done her work, she leaves you alone to figure out the hard stuff.  Because she’s real, she does have some warts, scars and occasional bad breath.  You have to take the whole package.  She can break your heart – but that too can be a sort of gift sometimes.  She likes it if you prepare the way for her; sweep the path,  expect her to arrive.  Be home.  And, if she came into your life long ago and you’ve begun to take her for granted – dust her off – buy her some flowers – ask her to dance.


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Mary Allan
Mary Allan

Ahhh...I believe I have some paper lace doilies in a drawer somewhere ~ AND some red plates left over from Christmas ~ AS WELL as some Danish red/white hearts ~ OH, AND OF COURSE, some red and white puff paint hidden in a box ~ PERHAPS a red crayon or magic marker ~ OH YES, one of those cheap paint pallets used in elementary classrooms, along with a brush. I'm ready for Valentine's Day!! Thank you, Penny!

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